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SPARK Neuro is a neuroanalytics company that measures emotion and attention to optimize advertising and entertainment.

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Why we’re here

We believe that studying cognitive neuroscience is the best way to solve the mysteries of human behavior. We believe in democratizing science to make it more accessible and applicable to real world problems.

Fighting the bias

Traditional research methods like surveys and focus groups provide a biased view of audience engagement. These self-report self-report Asking people to tell you how they feel forces them to rationalize a response that is not necessarily inline with their true reactions. methods suffer from groupthink, groupthink,The loudest person sways the crowd and other people jump on the bandwagon. social desirability bias,social desirability bias,People don’t want to be judged so they say what they think is popular or don’t say anything at all. confirmation bias,confirmation bias,The experimenter has a preconceived notion and hears what they want to hear, interpreting data to confirm what they already thought. and experimenter bias.experimenter bias.Participants can sense what the experimenter wants to hear and gravitate toward the perceived “right” answer that will please the moderator. Meanwhile, the results lack granularitylack granularityIn advertising, every second counts. Surveys and focus groups provide general feedback, but can’t give a second-by-second understanding of attention and emotion. and are unable to tap into the subconscious nature of emotion.subconscious nature of emotion.Emotion is largely a subconscious process. People aren’t consciously aware of their feelings in realtime and can’t articulate what is lying beneath the surface.

A revolution in advertising metrics

SPARK Neuro goes right to the source, measuring brain and other nervous system activity so we can see exactly when people are engaged (and when they are not). We quantify attention and emotional levels with second-by-second precision.


SPARK’s research is trusted by major brands, ad agencies, TV networks, movie studios, and the US Military.

“We really enjoyed how easy and fast it was to get both projects we worked on off the ground with SPARK Neuro.”

-Paramount Pictures

“SPARK Neuro is one of the most collaborative and intellectually driven research partners I’ve had the pleasure to work with in my 15+ year career.”


“Thanks to SPARK, I was able to impress my sales teams with an interesting and innovative research methodology.”


“I don’t see how any other research group would be able to supply the technology, the science, the passion, and the advertising know-how that they bring to the table.”


“What sets SPARK Neuro apart is that it’s hard to argue with results that are not self reported by participants, and instead reads their neurological response.”

-Quicken Loans

“SPARK Neuro’s work was extremely well received. They were easy to work with, professional, and responsive.”


“SPARK Neuro hit the sweet spot between academic excellence and marketing prowess.”

-Anheuser Busch

SPARK Neuro in the News

How Nike’s Colin Kaepernick Ad Looks to Democrats and Republicans Based on Neuroscience

Nike’s ad with Colin Kaepernick has been polarizing, to say the least. There are plenty of opinions about the face of the brand’s 30th anniversary campaign, but does the ad mean something entirely different based on political leanings?

Meet our founder

Know more about our founder’s journey to SPARK.
Spencer Gerrol Ceo & Founder

As a cognitive scientist who specialized in the field of Human Factors, Spencer Gerrol has always been obsessed with perception, emotion, and decision-making. His mission in life is to take the best of academia and pull it out of the ivory tower and into practical application.

Spencer believes that attention and emotion are at the root of everything in life. Whether a film, ad, speech, or any interaction, your attention levels and emotions dictate all future perceptions and actions.

However, after 15 years working in the research industry, Spencer became frustrated that attention and emotion were relegated into loose, qualitative, self-report findings. In order to make an objective measure at the core of human interaction, Spencer created SPARK Neuro.

Spencer’s core passion is teaching science in an easily digestible, applicable, and fun way. He is a sought after speaker who has keynote presentations at Google, TED, the Pentagon, the United Nations, the White House, and Cannes Lions.

Spencer was named a Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum and was recognized at the White House for being a game changing entrepreneur.

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