Creating Tension to Entertain and Persuade

by spark
We love to be comfortable. We pay a premium for a little extra legroom on flights, and splurge on all-inclusive resorts and spa packages. The success of Crocs is a case in point: we certainly don’t buy them for their aesthetic appeal. But when it comes to entertainment and advertising, we don’t just want to be comfortable. Think about fear. It’s widely accepted as a negative emotion, yet in 2016 we spent approximately half a billion dollars trying to scare ourselves at the movies.

Get Viewers on your Wavelength and Increase Ticket Sales

by spark
It’s a familiar cliché: we’re feeling “in tune” with one another, thinking the same thing; I’m metaphorically “picking up” what you’re proverbially “putting down”. Loose talk with no basis in science...right? Maybe not, at least according to a new paper in the Journal of Consumer Research.


by spark
Growing up in 90’s coastal California, this 1920’s anachronism was sold only at the independent pharmacy near my house. That pharmacy also happened to have the best local parking lot for skateboarding. I spent many foggy San Francisco Saturdays sitting on the curb, gnawing at the long strip of taffy-like substance coated in a thin layer of chocolate. Charleston Chews are much more than a candy -- they’re a taste of my adolescence. Nostalgia in a bright yellow wrapper.

Why Humor is So Effective in Ads

by spark
Using humor in advertising can be very effective, and is quite popular. Today, one out of every five ads uses humor -- but why does it work? At SPARK Neuro, we've studied thousands of ads while scanning people's brains and nervous system response and have learned a lot about what works and what doesn't. In this blog we share some of what we've found.

Sparking Action Through Design

by Alyssa Young
You’ve been sitting at your desk for hours. You know you should stand up and walk around. You’ve read the articles about blood clots and obesity but you’re slammed with work. Maybe a little lazy too. What would persuade you to get up? This is the question researchers explored when they invented the “Breakaway,” a […]