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Learn about what it takes to be a Sparkler.

As scientists, we approach problems and goals as experiments, with hypothesis-spaces to explore. We approach these spaces with optimistic, wide-eyed wonder.

It’s so fulfilling to see our research have immediate, real-world impact.

Carlina Conrad Neuroanalytics Director

Our Values

Our values define who we are as a team.

Positive Charge

Optimism is the backbone of a resilient team and we’re all responsible for creating a positive environment. Uplift your colleagues. Or if you’re the one who needs uplifting, lean on your team. Even in stressful times, we remain optimistic. Joy at work is crucial to joy in life.

Curious George

We are explorers. Intellectual curiosity drives us. We mix science with art and use data to paint a beautiful picture. Our scientific journey goes beyond theory because our mission is to put science into practice. We stay inquisitive and debate constructively. Our exploration will change the world.

Break a Beaker

We believe that experimentation is at the core of success. You can’t get to the right solution if you’re always afraid of failure. There are no failures, only trials. Try a few options and one of them just might work. Try. Learn. Solve. Repeat.

Mr. Roboto

Why do the same thing over and over… and over? Instead, innovate and then automate a process. Fewer redundant tasks makes time for creativity, the potential to reach for something greater, the energy to create something groundbreaking. Process makes the science stronger, the business more efficient, and the job more fun.

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