Spark Neuro

Neuroscience Researcher (EEG)

Spark Neuro is seeking a part time Neuroscience Researcher with an emphasis on EEG to lead internal research projects, with key responsibilities including study design and data analysis, as well as conducting literature reviews and overseeing RA data collection.

This applied research position is geared toward new and existing projects within the cognitive health and national security context, and exists outside of Spark Neuro’s marketing business unit. While the position involves conducting basic research, the goal of such research is to expediently develop products with practical applications that solve real-world problems.

The researcher should be well versed in EEG experimentation, data processing and analysis. A successful candidate will have a strong statistical and programming background. Machine learning expertise is not required, though an understanding of contemporary data scientific methods is a plus. Strong candidates will have great organizational skills and an ability to efficiently plan and execute experiments.


  1. Study Design
    1. Understand company goals and link them to hypotheses and study design
    2. Find and review neuroscience literature relevant to the company’s experimental

      goals and product requirements, with occasional documentation and presentation

      of existing literature

    3. Develop experimental protocols aimed at testing scientific hypotheses
      1. Methods will include stimuli or task selection, stimulus presentation parameters, participant constraints, and analysis steps
      2. These paradigms may be replications of previously published work, modifications of existing designs, or new protocols
      3. Ultimately, experimentation should lead to actionable outcomes that can be applied to new software product development
    4. Collaborate with Spark’s technical team to implement experimental paradigms in our software platform
    5. Collaborate with Spark’s research lab staff to ensure that participant recruitment and data collection are correctly implemented
  2. Data Analysis
    1. Develop analysis pipelines for EEG data to achieve the analyses described in

      experimental designs

    2. Process EEG data, including selecting appropriate filters and artifact correction


    3. Conduct statistical analyses of experimental results, including measurement of

      distributions, effect sizes, classifier accuracy, etc.

d. Collaborate with our technical team to develop and deploy analysis pipelines as software, and ensure that deployed analysis pipelines are operating correctly


  1. Educational background in EEG research
  2. Experience with human subjects experimentation
  3. Proficient in python (or alternate open-source programming language)
  4. Proficient in statistical methods (primarily GLM)
  5. Preferred: Published record of EEG research
  6. Optional: Experience with machine learning (classification)
  7. Optional: Experience using fNIRS

*Send your resumes and cover letters to

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