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New Data Reveals How to Best Measure a Powerful Story

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The importance of great storytelling in advertising is no big surprise–you already knew that. In fact, you’ve probably read a dozen articles about the importance of storytelling. However, these oversimplified lessons are often underutilized or altogether misused. By studying the brain science of storytelling, you can do it better than your competitors and break through the advertising clutter. Additionally, researchers have been measuring it all wrong and that has led to watered down, bland creative. In this webinar, our CEO Spencer Gerrol arms you with real scientific tools to achieve and measure storytelling success.

If you missed "Your Brain on Storytelling"...

Thank you to everyone that attended our most recent webinar, Your Brain on Storytelling: New Data Reveals How to Best Measure a Powerful Story. This is was the first webinar in our “Your Brain On…” series.

In this webinar we covered: the impact of storytelling on memory and compared SPARK Neuro’s methods of measuring storytelling versus more traditional methods such as copy testing.

We hope you enjoyed our seminar and will join us as we continue our series digging into the world of neuroscience!

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