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Breakthrough Practices

Many companies follow “best-practices” for their advertisements, but we know that just doing what everyone else does fails to stand out. That is why this type of study is called “Breakthrough Practices” as it provides a detailed handbook for how to break through all the clutter.

Ad/Concept Optimization

SPARK will deep dive into one or a few particular ads/concepts of interest, and give you concrete second by second recommendations about how best to optimize that particular ad.

Audience Targeting

Is your content getting to the right people? We’ll test your ad or trailer with target audiences to understand how different groups engage with the content. Your team can leverage the results to optimize your media buying strategy.

Ad Length Cut-down

You created an amazing 60 second ad (or full length trailer)! Our tests will provide a moment-by-moment breakdown of viewer attention and emotion. We’ll then provide recommendations for how to cut-down the content to encourage maximum engagement.

Platform Validation

Brands want proof that your ad products are sound investments. Our tests will measure the effectiveness of your specialized ad environment compared to more standard offerings.

Custom Study

We’ll customize a study to answer your unique question. We can A/B test multiple creative options to help you choose a direction, compare your content to competitors, and more. Let’s design your experiment together!

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