It’s Time to Transform Dementia Assessment

Nearly half of all dementia cases go undiagnosed.
The SPARK Scan is here to change that.

Dementia Today

The Stats Are Staggering


Americans live with dementia today, and that is projected to double by the year 2050.

4 in 10

Dementia cases go undiagnosed, worsening outcomes and raising costs.


Of PCPs report not having enough time to properly assess for dementia.

4 Years

The average time people live with dementia before finally receiving a diagnosis.

Meet The spark scan

Advancing Dementia Screening with EEG & A.I.

Accurate Assessment​

Our A.I. algorithms unlock the power of EEG for objective neurological analysis.

Safe & Non-Invasive​

FDA cleared, Class-II device, built to the highest standards of safety and efficacy.​

Simple for Everyone​

Accessible to all, and available at home or in-clinic, all in a matter of minutes.​

SCreening Needs To ChANGE

The SPARK Scan Leads The Way

Most dementia screeners have a high false positive rate of 4:5, so physicians evaluate healthy people nearly half of the time.

Thanks to our very low false positive rate of 1:4, the SPARK Scan accurately identifies the right patients to focus on.

That saves time and lowers stress for physicians and patients alike.

Improve Outcomes

With better diagnosis, early intervention can delay up to 40% of dementia cases.

Save Time​

We help physicians focus on diagnosis and treatment by reducing false positives.

Lower Costs

Early diagnosis could save up to $7.9T a year via better care and patient management.

Boost Satisfaction​

Only 16% of patients receive the proactive cognitive assessment they expect.

Earlier Dementia Detection Is Possible

Discover what the SPARK Scan

can do for you.