Science at SPARK Neuro

Advancing brain health with A.I. and Machine Learning

Understanding the brain is no small task.

At SPARK Neuro, we stay at the forefront of brain health research, collaborating with experts in neurology, cognitive science, and computer science to develop boundary-pushing methods for brain signal analysis.

2 FDA Clearances
As of 2024
900+ Datasets
Since 2021
4 Clinical Trials
As of 2023

A New Approach to Dementia Detection

Innovation & the Science of Brain Health

The SPARK Scan supports patients and clinicians alike by providing highly accurate and accessible dementia screening.

Built on top of our proprietary machine-learning platform that allows for rapid discovery of EEG-based biomarkers, the SPARK Scan represents a new frontier in brain health technology.


Our 90%+ disease classification accuracy and 82% screening true positive rate leads the industry (compared to alternatives, at just 56% true positive).


The SPARK Scan is based on neurophysiology and biosignals, whereas standard screeners rely on subjective interpretation.


Tested on various dementia-causing diseases, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Dementia with Lewy Bodies, and others.


The SPARK Scan is safe, noninvasive, and taskless. It is easy for all patients, regardless of education, language or physical ability.

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