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White Paper: Dementia Diagnosis Improves Health Outcomes

When we share that we’re working to revolutionize dementia screening, assessment, and diagnosis, people often want to know why.

Once you have dementia, isn’t that it? Why does dementia diagnosis matter?

Far too many people are misinformed about the importance of dementia diagnosis. So, here at SPARK Neuro, we aim to set the record straight, and educate our stakeholders about the many reasons why dementia diagnosis matters and improves health outcomes.

In this white paper, we explain the various ways that improved dementia diagnosis impacts the healthcare ecosystem. Highlights include the strong medical science on interventions that can begin once a diagnosis is made, and which can significantly improve medical outcomes and save medical costs. Additionally, we describe the importance of timely diagnosis to improving patient outcomes in terms of advanced care planning and caregiver support.

Click here to read the full white paper.

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